STK-ID 39093

Various MCSs, CSs, ZOOM INS, ZOOM OUTS of Herman Smith Johannsen (Jack Rabbit) sitting at a table in his home, relaxing and opening his mail with a pocket knife, taking his number for the marathon out of an envelope, a badge written on "Canadian Ski Marathon 74", of Jack Rabbit answering the phone, of him opening out a map written on "J'aime le ski de fond", of Jack Rabbit pouring himself a liquor, opening his plane ticket and looking at it, opening another envelope in which he has a book leafing through papers, putting his pocket knife back in its case on him, tidying up his papers. ZOOM IN on an oval frame picture of a woman and a child, ZOOM OUT on Jack Rabbit. MCSs of Jack Rabbit leaving his house. ZOOM OUT on him talking and making signs of goodbye with his arms and then going back inside corner of the house in foreground, snow and trees in background. MS of a rural road with snow and trees on each side of it. PAN to Jack Rabbit's house. ZOOM IN on Jack Rabbit inside the house making goodbye signs through a window. ZOOM OUT to MS of the house. TRAVELLING SHOT on the rural road. MS of Jack Rabbit making goodbye signs through a window of his house. ZOOM OUT to MLS of the house with lot of snow in foreground, trees in background.


Excerpt from
Jack Rabbit
Laurentians (region)
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Aspect ratio