STK-ID 39105

LSs of small herd of horses. HASs of horses in corral. Shots of Ribbon Falls tumbling off cliff. MS of mare and foal in corral. LS of three riders moving along ridge. PAN over valley, few horses in distance, mountains in distant background. HALSs of valley, herd of horses being driven in the distance. MLS of herd of horses racing across frame. MLS of herd of horses in corral, ranch house, buildings and wooded mountain in background. MS of mare and colt near wheelbarrow in corral. HALS of herd in corral. MS of mare and foal. MSs of cowboy saddling up in early morning. HAS of part of ranch, evergreens and mountains in backgound, cowboys coming into view in the distance along dirt road. HAS of cowboys and horses in corral. Sequence on blacksmith in chaps and ten-gallon hat shoeing horses. CUs of work being done on hooves, of cowboy rolling cigarette, of horseshoe being shaped on anvil. MSs of horses entering corral, snow on ground. Shots of two blacksmiths, one in ten-gallon hat, working at forge, hammering horseshoes on anvil. HAMS of small herd of horses in field. HAS of corral and horses. Shot of cowboy putting halter on horse, leading it out of corral. LSs of horses grazing on hill, moving across frame. (00/05/1961)


Excerpt from
Spring Horse Drive
National Film Board
Available formats
Video HI 8, Reel 35 mm
Shooting format
35mm neg b&w
Aspect ratio