STK-ID 39110

Exterior MS of Herman Smith Johannsen (Jack Rabbit) walking to his niece's house in the suburbs of Oslo and ringing the door bell, snow in evidence. MSs, MCSs, of Jack Rabbit entering his niece's living room, kissing her and shaking hands with a man (his niece's husband?) MSs, MCSs of Jack Rabbit in the living room kissing his two sisters and his daughter Alice, taking a seat while his niece brings some canapes. Various MCSs, CSs of Jack Rabbit talking with his two sisters, of his niece bringing him a bag from which he takes out some gifts for his sisters. CS of a television screen showing an interview with Jack Rabbit. ZOOM OUT to various MSs, MCSs, CSs of Jack Rabbit, his two sisters, his niece and his daughter Alice listening to the television.


Excerpt from
Jack Rabbit
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Aspect ratio