STK-ID 39111

Various MSs, MCSs, CSs, of Herman Smith Johannsen (Jack Rabbit), his two sisters, his niece and his daughter Alice listening to an interview with Jack Rabbit on television. MS of hall in a Norway airport with large windows, two women sitting in a coach. MS of Jack Rabbit's niece entering the hall with skis followed by Alice with luggage and Jack Rabbit, of him stopping to talk to the cameramen. Various MCSs of the three at the luggage counter with employees at desk and of the luggage going on conveyor belt, Jack Rabbit waiting for Alice to fill out her ticket. Various MSs, MCSs of Jack Rabbit, his niece and Alice walking inside the airport, of Jack Rabbit and Alice seen through an open window at the passport counter, going to sit in a coach and talking together. MCSs of Jack Rabbit and his daughter Alice walking to the gate. Several shots from different angles of the lane, of employees loading luggage onto plane, of the passengers walking outside to the plane with mountains in background,of Jack Rabbit kissing Alice, of her climbing ramp to the plane, Jack Rabbit remaining on airstrip alone, of Alice and the Captain in the doorway saying goodbye to Jack Rabbit.


Excerpt from
Jack Rabbit
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Aspect ratio