STK-ID 39126

CS of Herman Smith Johannsen's (Jack Rabbit) hands taking flint out of a small bag and lighting fire. ZOOM OUT to MS of Jack Rabbit standing up, lighting fire, while talking to students from Sedbergh School who are wearing their school dress, surrounding him. ZOOM IN on Jack Rabbit with PAN to CSs of the students. MS of Jack Rabbit walking with a man in the passageway of a wooden school to a room with cafeteria in background, where the man shows him a photo album. CS on the album. Several shots from different angles in the school cafeteria with wooden tables, walls and nice windows, of Jack Rabbit entering with man, followed by students taking their places at tables and standing until man tells them to sit, of a boy serving plates at Jack Rabbit table. MS of Jack Rabbit going down a small stairway with the help of a woman and man, walking through a corridor to a large room with students clapping their hands as he enters, stage in background. Various MCSs and CSs of Jack Rabbit shaking hands and talking with students.


Excerpt from
Jack Rabbit
Quebec (province)
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Aspect ratio