STK-ID 39131

MCS of five members of team at the cave entrance, wearing hard hats (like miners). CS of faces. MS, taken from inside the cave, of the group getting ready for the expedition, putting special suit on, one of them looking after the rope, other filling small jar with pills (vitamin). CS of him putting on his hard hat. Various scenes taken at Castleguard Cave in Alberta, the famous longest and dangerous caves in Canada. Interior shot of cave at the 80 wall, showing CS of rope going through pulley. CU of one man's hand lifelining to TILT UP on his face. CS of Dr Derek Ford smoking pipe, of men lowering bags down, using rope. MS of one man climbing down the ladder, trying to reach the lead from the ladder. CS of Dr Derek Ford lifelining the other man. MCS of the man at the top of the 80, ZOOM IN on him. MSs of him trying to reach the lead, from the floor of the 80. LAS and MS of another man climbing down the ladder. HAMCS of same. Various shots at different times of the expedition of men using ladders and rope with CS of legs climbing down.


Excerpt from
Castleguard Cave
National Film Board
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Reel 16 mm
Aspect ratio