STK-ID 39132

Various shots inside cave, showing members of the expedition crawling in on ice, carrying the backpacks by pushing them on the icy floor, including shots of stalactite objects formed by the water dripping through the cave, which serve as ornaments and of other crystal formations. More shots of men crawling on different floor, taken at a different time of the expedition. ZOOM OUT from CS of written notice on rock "Floor depot-emergency only - 20 ft". CS of backpacks to ZOOM OUT on cavers resting on one piece of flat ground. CS PAN on jars, some labelled "Spaghetti", "Salt" to CS of Dr Derek Ford's face, followed by shots of another caver trying to sleep. CS to TILT DOWN on stalactite and of two cavers walking towards camera. CSs of stalactite to more shots of group of cavers walking. CS of feet walking through water, followed by various shots of them walking through rock underground passage. CS to ZOOM OUT on stalactites.


Excerpt from
Castleguard Cave
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Aspect ratio