STK-ID 39138

Shots of a windmill powering a battery with man giving explanations to camera (no sound) in evidence in some shots. Several shots from different angles on farm of a group of scientists belonging to new alchimists, of three men picking up a kind of herb and taking it to an artificial pond under a dome, scientists weighing herbs, writing down notes and feeding fishes in pond with herbs. Several shots from different angles of a hose in pond under dome, of a woman scientist named Hilda taking it to garden for hosing, of two little boys joining her and helping to pick up carrots, of them going under another dome to feed rabbits. Several shots from different angles under dome containing rabbits of a scientist and children searching for worms in ground, of children and a woman leaving to go to pond under dome, scientist weighing worms, of worms on a fairfoam raft with holes in it floating on water, child feeding fishes with carrot leaves.


Excerpt from
The New Alchemists
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Aspect ratio