STK-ID 39139

Various shots from different angles of a scientist, belonging to a group of new alchimists, and three children under a dome checking worms on an airfoam raft floating in artificial pond, of worms on raft with holes in it. MS of children playing under dome with PAN to scientist watching them play. PAN back on children. Several shots from different angles of a scientist talking with a man (no sound) while searching for worms in earth on a plastic sheet, of them going into dome, weighing worms and putting them on airfoam raft in pond. Several shots from different angles of scientists picking up marigolds, bringing them into dome, weighing them and throwing them in water, of man doing same with seeds, of water installations, of fishes coming to the surface eating seeds, of scientist at work in pond.


Excerpt from
The New Alchemists
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Aspect ratio