STK-ID 39149

Various shots from different angles at the new alchimists farm in Massachusetts, of a woman walking out of shed with a cat in her arms, of a man taking out tilling machine, of man starting machine and tilling garden with shots of woman working in cabbage garden. Several shots from different angles of man lubricating his machine, another one raking hay, of man cutting up hay with machine (kind of rototilling), of the two men doing various operations with hay and of another one using pitchfork to pick up hay in field. Several shots from different angles of men and children picking up giant sunflowers, taking them under a tent, taking seeds apart, of sunflowers without seeds on stack of hay, of children playing with a Caterpillar, of sunflower seeds in barrel. MSs of giant sunflower field.


Excerpt from
The New Alchemists
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Aspect ratio