STK-ID 39151

Several shots from different angles of a man entering an old Ford truck F-100 with six children climbing into the back being helped by a woman, truck leaving farm, of children in back of the truck on the road, of them arriving at a dump, everybody walking here and there in dump searching for things that could be recycled,Caterpillar tractor in evidence in some shots, of man putting wooden barrels in back of truck, of him sitting at wheel calling the others, of children running to truck, sitting in the back on pile of things, truck leaving as another one is arriving with two men, dumping a garbage bag, of Ford truck entering backyard of farm. Various shots of Dr John Todd, a marine biologist, riding bicycle on country road with forest on both sides of the road, of him entering backyard of farm and leaning his bicycle against giant sunflowers, same shot taken from a different angles. MSs of a man making a knot in a large, long plastic tube containing air with children around him, of children running and playing with tube. Various shots of scientists and children swimming nude in lake or resting on platform in middle of the lake.


Excerpt from
The New Alchemists
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Aspect ratio