STK-ID 39153

Several early morning shots from different angles taken from the Canadian ship "Quadra", which is taking part in the Global Atmospheric Research Program called Operation G.A.T.E., arriving in Dakar Harbour, of people aboard Quadra ship, of harbour with buildings in background, of lighthouse flashing lights, of a small ship passing in front of an advertisement on which is written "Bienvenue à Dakar", of Esso Oil storage tanks, of various boats in harbour (tugboat, motorboat, ferryboat), of dockers mooring "Quadra" ship, of a coastguard ship entering harbour with Canadian flag in evidence in one shot. Several daylight shots of people aboard Quadra ship, of a fleet of ships anchored at sea, of reserach ships entering Dakar Harbour, of the American ship "Vanguard" equiped with sophisticated radars and equipment including shot of Canadians aboard Quadra ship watching it, of people mooring ship. AERIAL SHOTs of Dakar Harbour and of some of the ships from around the world that were taking part in the Operation G.A.T.E., anchored at docks including one shot of the city.


Excerpt from
Operation G.A.T.E.
National Film Board
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Reel 16 mm
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