STK-ID 39155

Several shots from different angles in Dakar Harbour of Canadian weather research ship "Quadra" moored at dock with dockers at work, various vehicles in evidence, of people on deck of USSR ship with flag waving, of people on deck of the Quadra ship, of a native man on dock flicking off small wooden sculptures for sale, of seamen aboard Quadra ship getting ready to weigh anchor, taking aboard, of Canadian technicians aboard Quadra ship watching natives on dock, of a coastguard ship entering harbour, of a lighthouse with ship "James M. Gillies" passing in front of it, of another ship passing in front of it, of the dock as Quadra moves away with seamen aboard including shots of a small instrument turning with the wind. LS of the Quadra at sea at the end of the day with rocks and trees in foreground on right side of frame. MCSs, MSs of the Quadra moving at sea, the coast in background. MCSs of ship's bow and rear part as it moves on rough waters.


Excerpt from
Operation G.A.T.E.
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Aspect ratio