STK-ID 39161

Various CSs of a man working on a small instrument package equipped with electronic instruments for the reading of wings and weather aboard Canadian Government weather ship Quadra. Shots of the instrument package. Various MCSs, CSs of another man working on a different instrument package. Shot inside package of the electronic system. Several shots from different angles on deck of weather ship Quadra, of technicians hanging instrument package at a cable connected with balloon in the air with another man operating a winch to make instrument package move along cable. Shots of cable being winched, of instrument package being lowered and taken off cable, of man operating winch. Various shots of man talking into phone on deck looking at instrument package and anemometer, of him taking them off from cable of balloon and leaving with it, of winch rolling up cable. LAS of instrument package being lowered along cable. Several shots from different angles on deck of the Quadra of technicians blowing large weather balloon and building up a structure for it, of them attaching balloon to light structure including shots of an anemometer and of another balloon in the air, of technicians at work releasing second balloon with Maple Leaf flag attached to it.


Excerpt from
Operation G.A.T.E.
Atlantic Ocean
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Aspect ratio