STK-ID 39162

Various shots of a technician on deck of Canadian Government weather ship Quadra installing instrument package and anemometer on cable, talking into phone and operating winch, of instrument package and anemometer moving up along cable to balloons in the air. Various shots of an officer aboard Quadra attaching an instrument package to a small white balloon, of him on deck releasing balloon and package in the air. Several shots of a technician on deck checking time on his watch, writing down notes and operating winch including shots of the pulley, of man leaving deck. Several shots form different angles of technicians on deck working on instrument packages and anemometer, making them move along cable. Various MCSs, CSs of a small graph machine and of dials. Several shots in main meteorological office of a man at work on graph and computer for the translation of the sound signals given by the packages on balloons into wind speed and directions. Several shots from different angles of a man in an office opening instrument package control box. Shots of the inside of the box, of man sitting at computer, of the wave recorder in operation, of the wind finding radar system control panel, of the elevation dial, of a scope, of another dial.


Excerpt from
Operation G.A.T.E.
Atlantic Ocean
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Aspect ratio