STK-ID 39166

Various exterior shots of the C.C.O.E. and C.O.C.C. building in Dakar being used as control center for the international Global Atmospheric Research Program called Operation G.A.T.E. in which seventy-two nations are taking part, including shots of people in the entrance and antennas on the roof. MS, PAN MS on sixteen antennas in a field. Various shots in a large room at control center of lots of people at work, talking to each other, passing by, standing in groups around tables covered with papers, discussing, of a man teletyping with PAN in working room. Several shots from different angles at Dakar airport of weather planes from various countries taking part in the Operation G.A.T.E., of men at work near plane whose propellers are turning, of plane moving on airstrip, of Air Afrique and NASA aircrafts parked, of the Nasa one called Galileo II moving to runway, of a Russian aircraft moving on runway, of Russian aircraft parked with propellers turning, of it moving on runway, of an American aircraft parked with propellers turning, of another plane parked with propellers starting to turn, of American aircraft moving on airstrip. Several shots from different angles of American weather plane Electra parked with people working around. Shots of equipment on it, of a man on a bicycle near plane. Aircraft interior shot of propellers turning, of close circuit television showing runway as plane moves on it, of landscape and runway seen through window with PAN back to television as plane takes off, of propellers with ocean and landscape in background.


Excerpt from
Operation G.A.T.E.
National Film Board
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Reel 16 mm
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