STK-ID 39183

Various shots in the bar aboard Canadian weather ship Quadra of a party in progress with men drinking and talking, one drunkman sleeping on couch. Various shots of men, in which an Hindu, blowing up a small weather balloon on deck of the Quadra ship and of the releasing it in the air, of Canadian Maple Leaf flag waving. Various shots from different angles of men on deck looking at other weather ships taking part of the "Global Atmospheric Research Program" through binoculars. Shots of weather ships at sea. MSs of people in a motorboat arriving at "Quadra". MCS of ships "Saint-Louis" passing by the "Quadra". Various shots of USSR "Professor Zobov" weather ship taken from a motorboat with people in motorboat visible in some shots.


Excerpt from
Operation G.A.T.E.
Atlantic Ocean
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Aspect ratio