STK-ID 39190

Species unknown : owl on a perch in a large chicken-wire cage, leaves and trees in background. CU talons. TILT UP, ZOOM OUT to show all of owl on log, turning head from side to side, cage not visible. Owl full length, ZOOM IN to bird's head, turning nervously, ZOOM OUT, bird jumps down beside log. CU of same bird, ZOOM OUT, ZOOMs IN to talons TILT UP to head, ZOOM OUT. Barn owl, cage visible in background, slight ZOOM OUT. Owl with long "ears", ZOOM OUT to show it in a box indoors. ZOOM IN. Three owls on log, one exits, followed by a second, both return. MS of one owl, it flies away, and returns to settle on perch in background bird flies and settles twice more, to be joined by third bird (second bird revealed in ZOOM OUT). Owl on perch, Hold, it jumps off, cage is visible in background. Spectacled owl, on perch, full frame, flies away and then back to perch, and off again. Jump cut spectacled owl returns to perch, then flies out of frame again. Jump Cut same owl returns. PAN left to right of four owls (great horned?) similar owl full frame, on perch. Ditto cage visible in background. PAN across four spectacled owls full frame, hold on fourth, slight ZOOM IN. Owl wandering along log, left to right.


Excerpt from
The Lady and the Owl
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm eastman color neg
Aspect ratio