STK-ID 39192

Several MCSs of very small owl against a dark background sitting on a log rotating its neck. (This sequence shot with cage wire in foreground) owl full frame, on perch. Live mouse on ground, puttering about. Owl on perch, mouse on ground, background with two mice on ground. Owl in foreground faces away from mouse, in background owl flies out of frame. MCU of mouse by feed dish. TILT UP from dish to rear view of owl on perch, looking around with interest, but not excitement. ZOOM IN to owl on side of dish, TILT DOWN to CU of mouse wriggling in owl's talons, owl takes a bite, jump cut ZOOM OUT, mouse in talons now looking positively defunct. ZOOM IN to mouse. CU of owl hyper ventilating, beak open. Veterinarian shows funnel used for oral anaesthetic and applies to owl's beak, removes the funnel and shows the gas-oxygen mixer. MS of veterinarian at X-ray viewer, ZOOM IN to CU of film, showing breaks in bone (tibia and fibula?) then x-ray replaced by one showing same wing with steel pin helping one break to heal. MS of owl hyperventilating.


Excerpt from
The Lady and the Owl
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm eastman color neg
Aspect ratio