STK-ID 39214

FOLLOW SHOT of Greyhound bus coming down highway in Williams Lake, British Columbia area and passing by camera. TRAVELLING SHOT of car passing a Greyhound scenic cruiser bus on highway. FOLLOW SHOT of bus turning off highway as camera car continues down highway. Brief FOLLOW SHOT of Greyhound scenic cruiser bus turning into restaurant parking lot. TILT UP to LAMCS of restaurant's sign "Dine at the Silver Spur". Several brief TRAVELLING SHOTs along highway in Williams Lake area, including shot of road sign. Various CSs of Indigenous child climbing on the wooden structure of a swing and untangling swing. ZOOM OUT to MS of child climbing down wooden structure of swing near small wooden house, clothesline in foreground. MCS of three Indigenous children playing on the wooden structure of a swing. ZOOM OUT, PAN to MCS of elderly Indigenous woman Augusta Evans age 88, (Secwepemc also known in English as Shuswap), talking with a friend, Ardel, a wooden house in background (two shots). MCS of Augusta talking with her friend Ardel. PAN to MS of children playing on wooden swing. Several shots from different angles of woman cutting and preparing salmon for smoking, including shots of Augusta observing, jump cut. Several shots from different angles of salmon strips, hanging from ceiling of smoke house, being smoked. Several shots from different angles of Augusta and her friend Ardel in smoke house inspecting salmon hanging from ceiling, including shots of fire producing smoke.


Excerpt from
Williams Lake
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm eastman color neg
Aspect ratio