STK-ID 39223

Shot of steam trains buffs with camera of coal tender, coal in extreme foregound. Circular PAN over scattered crowd by trackside to top of steaming locomotive ahead of camera. HAMS of front of northern type 4-8-4 locomotive #6153 as seen from locomotive #5107 ahead, of part of train rounding curve, of side of right of way during run. Shot of goggled tourists leaning out into slipstream during trip. TRAVELLING SHOT of countryside to two buffs. Shot of child sporting railway engineer's cap. HAMS of two old women in coach during run. Various shots of passengers in coach, of passengers in parlour car being presented with souvenir folders. Shot of tourist taking pictures, large wheels of locomotive in foreground. HALS of three types of CN locomotives in Montreal "whale yard" including coal burning, wood burning and diesel. HALS of buffs examining locomotive. LAS of sign "Shawinigan" and semaphore pole. TILT DOWN itinerary board. Various shots of bandsmen getting off bus, of instruments. CUs of oilman oiling drivers, of steam escaping. Several shots of train pulling in, of buffs in the rain. CU of locomotive bell, of boiler. (00/06/1962)


Excerpt from
Railway Buffs Excursion
Shawinigan, Montreal
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm
Shooting format
35mm neg b&w
Aspect ratio