STK-ID 39333

Vancouver Public Aquarium: HASs of pool, trainer kneeling and standing on platform to MSs of trainer feeding whales, of whales swimming about, of trainer trying to touch the mouth of the whale, whales swimming and coming back to be fed, of one of the whales bringing a kind of ball to the trainer, whale nipping at head of the trainer. Shots of whales swimming about, of whale sticking their heads out of the water, of trainer feeding them. CS of people applauding. FOLLOW CSs of legs of people walking by, to CSs of heads of people walking by. FOLLOW SHOTS of whales swimming. More shots of trainer feeding whales, spectators in background, back view of spectators walking away. CS of signs saying "Underwater steep-grade-wheelchairs should be accompanied". TILT DOWN on another sign saying "Quiet Please - Beluga Baby Nursery" and back view of two men watching whales through windows. MLS of visitors inside exhibition hall to CSs of badges with inscription "It's a boy". CS of hand picking-up one badge. CS of sign "Baby beluga now on display". FOLLOW MCSs of people walking by, of people walking in and out at the entrance. CS of sign at entrance "Beluga baby on display - born July 13 - 9:50 P.M.". CSs of spectators' faces. PAN on spectators. MCSs of spectators lining rail and others walking by, to MS of whale swimming and TILT UP on spectators. HAS of pool and spectators watching whales rising out of the water, spectators taking pictures.


Excerpt from
Beluga Baby
Vancouver (city)
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm eastman color neg
Aspect ratio