STK-ID 39345

CS, ZOOM IN, ZOOM OUT to MS of Lars Pirak's drawing on poster with PAN to several of his works in exposition. Various CSs of his works. Several shots, some with jump cut, of Lars Pirak sitting in the exposition room with lots of his works in background on the wall and on the table near him and of a man taking pictures of Lars Pirak, of another one talking with him and of Lars Pirak showing miniatures held in his hands. Several shots of his works. LS on Jokkmokk village. LS with PAN on the village. Several exterior shots from different angles of a couple in traditional dress walking by the "Sami Institut" in Kautokeino, of people walking on the street and entering stores, of a young person on a sleigh going from one place to another in the village. LSs, some with PAN of Jokkmokk village and surrounding countryside with snow and trees in evidence. MCS of Jokkmokk sign on a train station wall with PAN down to MSs from different angles of people leaving carriages. MS of the train going on, two MSs of Jokkmokk sign, one on wagon and one on the station wall. MS of the train.


Excerpt from
Sámi Herders
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm eastman color neg
Aspect ratio