STK-ID 39347

ESTABLISHING MSs of a group of men hanging geese, putting their heads on a log, cutting their heads with a large knife, geese wings thrashing the air before and after beheading. MCS of a man opening belly of a goose with a knife. MCS of another man holding a goose's head in his hands and throwing it onto the ground. CS of a man taking the inside of the dead goose out. CS of three dead geese suspended by feet. MSs of cows in enclosure, fence in foreground and farm building with a woman in background, of cows following woman inside building. CS of ducks with PAN to MS of cows entering building. Several interior shots of the woman milking cows with a milking machine, of cows in stall, of the woman emptying milk into milk churn. Several shots from different angles of people making hay in Siebe: man driving tractor to cut hay, children raking it up and piling it between wooden pots, of a boy following tractor with a scythe, of a little boy picking up flowers, of a man scything hay near fences, of a girl driving tractor.


Excerpt from
Sámi Herders
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm eastman color neg
Aspect ratio