STK-ID 39348

Several shots from different angles of a girl driving a tractor in field to make hay, of the family resting in the field, of a car passing on rural road next to them, of those workers piling hay between wooden pots. PAN MS of Siebe village with plain and sky in evidence, camera stopping on the church. MLS of someone walking in a field with ZOOM OUT and PAN to church. CS of church tower and TILT DOWN to MS of the entrance. MSs of people, some in traditional dress, getting out of church and walking to their cars or talking in groups. MSs of a tractor passing in front of house, heading towards farm buildings, transporting a rowboat. CS, ZOOM OUT on the man getting out of tractor, of a boy jumping inside the tractor to take the wheel and playing with it. Several shots of the man in the rowboat on trailer, of the boy and young girl helping to put a large fishing net in the rowboat. MSs of tractor getting onto the road with children in rowboat on trailer. Several shots of the family at lake putting rowboat in water and getting ready for fishing, of the man and the girl in same rowboat rowing on the lake including one MS where we can see them through bushes. Various MSs, CSs of the girl and two boys on the lake bank pulling the net from water with PAN to the man in his rowboat near them pulling the net too. CS of fishes in net and of the man selecting them. Various MSs, CSs of the man in his rowboat pulling the net with a wooden winch, of the girl on lake bank pulling net's rope from water, of the man tying up rowboat in a bush, of him walking in water pulling his rowboat with a rope and of the boy and girl doing the same thing on lake bank, of them with the net.


Excerpt from
Sámi Herders
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm eastman color neg
Aspect ratio