STK-ID 39354

PAN MCS on reindeer horns in exhibition on a tourist store's floor. TILT UP MS on reindeer fur hanging on wall. MS of a man showing a reindeer fur to a couple. MS of traditional Norway winter coat, TILT DOWN on souvenirs in exhibit. CSs on a river flowing with trees on borders, bridge in background. MSs from different angles of young couples sitting on the ground. Several shots of the river and the village including shots of a rowboat and of the bridge. MLS of a couple walking on a road beside the river and of a Volkswagen passing by them. PAN on the river taken from car on the bridge. MS of river flowing. MS of the rowboat on river, PAN on village and small boats in foreground. Several shots from different angles of activities in a town in northern Norway: people walking on streets, some wearing traditional dress, cars parked and vehicular traffic, people entering stores. LS taken from a hill and PAN of landscape with grass and barren trees in foreground, river in evidence. LS of a mountain with PAN to river. HAMS of two big wooden houses. MS of the two big wooden houses with ZOOM IN MSs on people entering one of them. Interior MSs of people entering and having a meeting. Various LSs of landscape, village, church.


Excerpt from
Sámi Herders
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm eastman color neg
Aspect ratio