STK-ID 39383

Several shots from different angles of reindeer herd and Haette family on a hill in Norway on their way to summer house with river in evidence, reindeer running in every directon and herders trying to make them go down the hill. Several shots from different angles of the herd near the Norwegian navy ferryboat and of the herders making them go onto the ferry. MS of the ferryboat with the herd on it, mountains and river in background. Several shots from different angles of summer house and surrounding country, mountains and river in evidence with Mikkel and his wife walking on a trail, birds flying overhead. Several PANs on river, mountains, summer house. MLS of Mikkel and his wife Angel-Marie walking on a trail with a handcart. MS of them taking reindeer furs out of the handcart. CSs of Angel-Marie preparing the skin for tourist market, pulling up fur from reindeer skin with ZOOM OUT to MS of her. CSs of Mikkel's face with ZOOM OUT and PAN to his wife, mountains, river and house in background. Several shots of them working. MS of Ellen and dog joining them. MS of the three of them and of Angel-Marie taking water from a bucket. CS of Ellen. CS of bucket on woodfire. MSs of Angel-Marie taking water from the river. Several shots of the couple putting branches and willow bar in bucket on fire. MSs of Ellen with the dog taking water from the river and pouring it into bucket on fire. MSs and CSs of Angel-Marie and Ellen putting furs in a kind of a washing machine and them taking them out, Angel-Marie stretching and putting them on a rack. MSs of the house, ZOOM IN to MSs. CSs of her working on furs. MS of the summer house with ZOOM IN on Angel-Marie. Several shots from different angles of Mikkel tanning fur. MS of his wife soaking fur in branches and willow bar mixture to preserve the leather of the reindeer.


Excerpt from
Sámi Herders
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm eastman color neg
Aspect ratio