STK-ID 39433

Battle of Passchendaele: CU of map showing movement of Canadian troops from Hill 70 to Passchendaele. PAN of decimated landscape in the vicinity of Passchendaele. Various shots of soldiers trying to dig trenches in the mud, pushing lorry out of a deep rut on a muddy road, of horse-drawn carts passing by with supplies, of mule train, of gun crew moving a field gun through the mud. PAN of muddy, shell-torn battlefield with soldiers looking over a parapet in the foreground. Staged HAS of battle scene showing soldiers advancing while smoke spurts out of the mud. MLS of stretcher bearers carrying a casualty across no-man's land. MLS of mine going up in a huge explosion. Various shots of advancing soldiers, ruins, corpses, etc. Two shots of German soldiers trudging along four abreast. MS of Generals Von Hindenburg and Ludendorff in the field. CU of map showing Flanders, Belgium and Luxembourg. MS of Generals Pétain, Foch and another unidentified officer arriving by car, entering a building. MS of President Poincarré arriving by car. Shot of Clemenceau talking with army officers; group shot of Clemenceau, Sir Douglas Haig, Sir Henry Wilson and Lord Milner. MCU of Field Marshall Foch, commander in chief of the Allied Armies. CU of map showing front in Northern Europe. MS of General Haig, dissolve to ranks of Canadian soldiers drawn up in a town square. Dissolve to Haig's order of the day and his signature. CU of map showing German advances.


Excerpt from
National Film Board
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Reel 35 mm, Digital Video Disk, HDCAM SR
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35mm dupe neg b&w
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1920 x 1080