STK-ID 39519

CU of weeds and leaves. PAN back on MS of lake and two people in rowboat. MS of one man and one girl (rain collectors) in bush, of them taking samples from a pump, girl holding container being filled, of her checking level. CU of plastic container being filled. MCUs of pump wires to TILT UP to tree and someone attaching something to it. MCU of small wind catcher. MS of man walking by and entering tent. MS of earth with TILT DOWN to hole in ground and on machinery. CU of cable with "Tygon R-3603 written on it. MS of two men in rowboat landing on shore, getting out of boat and walking away. MCU of forest floor with ZOOM IN on small tree. MCU of leaves of tiny tree to ZOOM ON it. CU of burned grass (yellowed), TILT UP to some green growth and TILT DOWN on grass. MSs of fallen trees to TILT DOWN on new section, cordoned off. MCU of wire to TILT DOWN on forest floor and TILT UP back. TRACKING SHOT on forest floor. MLS of water sampling plants in small container. MCU of rocks samples, of hand removing one small basket and emptying it. HAMS of woman removing samples from water. CU of water pipe to TILT UP on woman.


Excerpt from
Acid Rain: Requiem or Recovery
Capitale-Nationale (region)
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm eastman color neg
Aspect ratio