STK-ID 39644

MS of Canadian musicians of the Norquay Quartet sitting with other quartet musicians in a concert room waiting for the announcement of second round of nominations at the Portsmouth International String Quartet Competition, of them clapping hands for nominated quartets. ZOOM IN CS on them looking disappointed because they are not nominated. Exterior MS of musicians of the Norquay Quartet saying goodbye to other musicians and leaving. HAMLS of them walking through a square, MLS ZOOM IN MS of a clock on tower, MS of railway station sign "British Rail Portsmouth and Southsea", MS of Canadian Quartet musicians walking to station, MS of a train entering railway station, TRAVELLING SHOTs of British countryside taken from the train. Several shots from different angles in town of Portsmouth of old buildings and houses, of clock tower reflection in windows of building with ZOOM OUT MS of advertisement for the International String Quartet Competition, of railway station buildings. Several shots from different angles in Portsmouth, England of men working on sidewalks construction, of people in a park, of a man washing windows, of monuments and modern buildings, of Queen Victoria statue, of an old three masts boat, of personal boats, of various signs, of old and new buildings, of sailor sculptures, of cannons on boat, of flags on mast with ZOOM OUT on sculpture, of a bell and ship, of road sign for competition, of old buildings, of a canal with big trees, of people in canoes on canal, of a castle with trees in foreground, of people in canoes.


Excerpt from
From Bears to Bartok
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm eastman color neg
Aspect ratio