STK-ID 39646

MS of two Asiatics doing exercises in a Montreal park. PAN MLS on a man jogging, MS of women sitting on a bench to PAN back MS of men exercising. MS of a Montreal alley with ZOOM OUT MS of a graffiti on wall "Kebek Ecologique" with people in evidence waiting at a bus stop. ZOOM back on alley, MSs of Asiatic people walking on street. Various shots of "New Age" advertisements for massage course, Wushu School, acupuncture, rebirth. Various shots of Mr Frigon talking to camera and showing his therapeutic balls, laying on the floor with the two balls below his neck, relaxing. Shots of a woman wearing a towel, showing an enclosed bath and entering it. Various shots of Florian Sauvageau sitting on a chair with Jack Painter (intefration posturale) standing beside him, Mr Sauvageau breathing deeply. MS of sign "Aliments naturels" in Steinberg grocery store. Various shots of people shopping. MS of a couple jogging on crowded Mont-Royal Street, toward camera and further on, "Comme en Californie" written on back of their sweatshirt, same shots but couple running on Mount Royal near "Lac aux Castors".


Excerpt from
Comme en Californie
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm eastman color neg
Aspect ratio