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Visit of US President John F Kennedy to Ottawa (16-17/05/1961). Sequence showing Kennedy addressing House of Commons in English. He speaks of friendship. He says Prime Minister John Diefenbaker was first person he called after his election and that this is his first visit abroad, in keeping with tradition. He adds that the two countries share a common line of defence. “What unites us is greater than what divides us.” “We are allies, we have differences, but we resolve them respectfully.” “We preserve freedom for all who desire it.” “No free nation can face the world’s threats alone, my associates and I will take the necessary measures to resolve them.” “These problems will never be as great as the threats that hang over the free world.” “We will take steps to modernize the strength and mobility of our forces.” “We will ensure that nuclear weapons continue to be available for our needs, for the defence of the free world under the command of NATO.” “We are going ahead with Polaris submarines…” Kennedy talks also about measures to improve European and North American defences so that no nation will dare attack them. “Our adversaries seek division.” “Let us show them a common front.” “Our task is to extend freedom to those who want to be free.” Shot of President Kennedy and first lady boarding plane to return to US.


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