STK-ID 40538

[Remark: Truckers went on strike in Montreal and picketted all major terminals, these scenes were recorded at Smith Transport Co. terminal on Cote de Liesse Road.] CS of CFCF announcer reading news. MS of Smith Transport Company terminal building with pickets in front, tractors lined up at terminal, no trailers. VCS of flat tire on station wagon, pickets parading with signs in French, 12 provincial policemen mapping antiriot strategy near their car, policeman on highway. CS of pile of rocks and bricks being used by rioters, stones bouncing off truck as it speeds past camera and shot of "molotov cocktail" bomb hitting speeding truck and exploding in flames, burning truck speeding on. Shot of policeman with tear gas gun in readiness, provincial policemen roughing up an overly exuberant striker. CUs of burned and bombed trucks, man with extinguisher trying to put out fire as truck burns. VCS of bullet hole in roof of automobile. CS of injured leg of one of the strikers, tow truck hauling away a damaged tractor-trailer, provincial policeman escorting female clerk into Smith's offices as she arrives for work.


Excerpt from
Strike of Truckers in Montreal
National Film Board
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R, o, y, a, l, t, y, , o, f, , 2, ,, 5, 0, , $, , p, e, r, , f, o, o, t, ,, , p, a, y, a, b, l, e, , t, o, , C, F, C, F, , T, V, , f, o, r, , u, s, e, , o, f, , t, h, i, s, , f, o, o, t, a, g, e, ;
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Reel 16 mm, Digital Video Disk, HDCAM SR
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16mm fine grain b&w, 16mm color print, 16mm eastman color neg
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1920 x 1080