STK-ID 40648

Arctic Towns: PANs of Arctic town, Baker Lake. LS of body of water, building with small radome on it, clouds lit with low sunlight. LS of stockpile of gasoline drums at water's edge, tentatively identified as Rankin Inlet. Shots of Baker Lake, of Inuit prefab homes, of skidoos awaiting the snow, of clotheslines flapping in the wind, of animal pelts laid out to dry, of message re peace and love scrawled on a heating oil tank, of a man jumping out of a large all-terrain tracked vehicle fetching a hose from doorway of warehouse. ZOOM IN, ZOOM OUT of buildings in the town. Shots of man riding an all-terrain motor tricycle on road, past the camera. Sequence on Inuit building the frame of a geodesic dome. Sequence on children playing on playground ride, staring at the camera, congregating at the entrance to a school. LSs of the Rankin Inlet nursing station. Shots of children walking in the street, sliding on frozen ditch, riding skidoos. Shots of kids going to school.


Excerpt from
Space Connection
Rankin Inlet (Town), Baker Lake, Northwest Territories
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm original ektachrome
Aspect ratio