STK-ID 41197

London Airport: shot, at night, of the wing lights of an airliner moving slowly. Slow TRAVELLING SHOT of moving lights, of a British European airways Viscount parked on the tarmac. Head on shot, at night, of a British European Airlines Viscount moving out of the darkness and approaching the camera. View of tail section, from under port wing, as crewmen push movable stairway to plane's exit. Interior shots of control tower operator at console, followed by CU of hands, knobs, on console. LS of airport all lit up as seen through a window of the control tower. HAS of lighted plan of airport runways. Slow PAN inside darkened control tower showing lighted desks, with operators at work, lights of the airport at the horizon. Similar shot inside darkened control tower, airport lights in background, plane wing lights moving on runways. TILT DOWN from cluster of flood lights to entrance of air terminal. Shot of a tractor towing a mobile stairway driving by the camera. CU of single flood light. Night TRAVELLING SHOT of lighted highway, of sign: "London Airport", of light traffic. Exterior day shots of London airport control tower followed by various interior shots of operators at work, of electronic gadgets. MS of GCA scanner revolving slowly. Three quarter rear view, at night, of a De Havilland "Heron" on tarmac. Closer shot of the entrance with passengers heading for plane, ground crewman removing stairs, closing hatch. This plane belongs to British European Airlines. MCS of the two port engines revving up, of "Heron" moving away. Shot of the aircraft heading for the camera, turning off, its lights blazing. Brief intercuts of operator in control tower. Brief shot of lighted runway extending to the horizon. View of the De Havilland "Heron" taking off in the darkness.


Excerpt from
London Airport / Unseen Universe
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm
Shooting format
35mm fine grain b&w
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