STK-ID 41217

The Big Reach: view of top section of a Delta launching vehicle for Tiros 2, lox vapour billowing out of vents. Various other views of same rocket, of other rockets with and without gantries. Shot of Delta rocket blasting off, climbing. Cut to CU of tracking mechanism following rocket. LS of rocket burning, of explosion, vapour trails as pieces fall to the ground. Views of interior of control bunker. Shots of huge rocket being moved from hangar to pad, being hoisted into position, of motors being installed. Shot of gantry as seen from descending gantry elevator. Various shots of crew setting up rocket for flight, of technicians preparing instruments in control bunker. Shot of a man being interviewed beside the gantry. MS of TV screen with image of rocket, ZOOM IN to CS. Sequence showing crewmen in white fuelling the rocket with liquid oxygen. In the meantime, tracking stations, on ships and on land, prepare to track the rocket. Various shots of tracking equipment, small radar dish antennae, metering apparatuses, giant radar saucers. Brief AERIAL SHOTs of one of the tracking radar antannae. CSs of lights on a control panel lighting up as the countdown progresses. Night shots of rocket on its pad, steaming with lox, ready to blast off. TILT UP rocket to lox tent. Various shots of workers being interviewed by man holding a microphone. Shot of a policeman examining the passes of drivers as automobiles go through the gate. MCSs of men throwing switches in control bunker. CU of hand pressing starting button, FOLLOW MCU of rocket motor starting. MS of rocket blasting off in clouds of flames and smoke. TRACKING SHOTs of rocket climbing with cuts to technicians in the control bunker. Sequence showing diagrams depicting the successive separations of various stages. Views of rockets blasting off.


Excerpt from
Experimental Rocket Plane / The Big Reach
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm dupe neg b&w
Aspect ratio