STK-ID 41220

LS of scenery, huge mountains in background. MCS of steam shovel as it scoops big load of shale from mountainside and deposit it in truck. MS of man hanging from rope over edge of cliff. He seems to be taking rock samples. MS of freight train hauling ore from mine. MS overland pipe conveyor system (fluid). DOLLY HAMS over dense bush country, over valley surrounded by trees. DOLLY MS from front of train, tracks running through bush, train not visible. MCS head on view, small freight coming throiugh bush towards camera. HAS of creek, woods on either side. CS front view of small freight train. MS of car coming along road towards camera. TILT UP to snow capped mountain. MS TILT UP overland conveyor system. MS of power dam, small falls, building. MS of fisherman standing fishing in small creek. MLS TILT DOWN from top to bottom of above power dam. MCS TILT UP of electrical cables and insulators. MS and LS of car coming towards camera, electrical plant in immediate background. LS of snow capped mountain, trees and clouds. MS of another mountain, more trees and clouds. MS TILT from tree, to rock formation on mountain. MLS scenic shot of lakes, mountains, trees. MS of forest with huge high and tall trees. LS of rigger (bushmen) cutting top of huge tree, it slowly crashes to earth, tree sways. MLS of tree swaying. MLS of rigger descending. MS of rigger climbing a really huge tree. MS of two lumberjacks cutting big tree with axes. MS of big tree falling. MLS of crane hoisting logs up in bush. MS of drivers picking logs in stream. MS of logs being placed by crane. MS of bulldozer hauling logs in bush. MS of Australian Newsprint Manufacturing Company building. MS of log being sawed by "power crosscut". MS of logs being piled. MCS and HALS of logs being sprayed by water to soften wood and also as fire precaution.


Excerpt from
Capra Australian Footage
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm
Shooting format
35mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio