STK-ID 41222

(Series of MSs of American Red Cross Service Club in Sydney, Australia. MS of American and Australian service men entering. MS of servicemen in bunks. MS of American soldiers playing ping pong at recreation centre. MS of Americans and Australians reading in library. VCS of hand as it writes letter on American Red Cross stationery.) MLS of Aussies eating in Red Cross restaurant. MS of Indigenous Australian cook. MS of Red Cross waitresses in Red Cross canteen. MS of orchestra of servicemen in background, service men and girls dancing in foreground. MCS TILT from American flag atop "American Centre", to window. Sydney. MS of United States soldiers, sailors in "American Centre". MS of United States servicemen in recreation room. (MS of American Eagle insignia, American and Australian flag on either side, drawing shot to picture of President Roosevelt on wall. CS of plaque telling how the "American Centre" was made possible by volunteers. MS of American servicemen being served by voluntary female workers in "American Centre". MLS of "Anzac Buffet" recreation centre, Hyde Park, Sydney. MS of servicemen eating in "Anzac Canteen". MS of waitresses in "Anzac Canteen". MS of Aussies ordering from "Anzac" waitress (sound). MS of two American servicemen chatting with girl at counter.) Exterior LSs of rural churches. LS of suburban churches. LS of country church. HAS of Salvation Army band on parade in Sydney. LSs of Saint Mary's Cathedral, which is Roman Catholic in Sydney, Australia. MSs of Roman Catholic congregation. MS of Saint Andrew's Cathedral which is a Church of England in Sydney. MSs of congregation: sound. MS of church service, in Church of England. MCS of choir boys in church. MS of people kneeling in church. MS of preacher in pulpit (sound).


Excerpt from
Capra Australian Footage
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm
Shooting format
35mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio