STK-ID 41223

MS of three men holding blueprints, standing near a tree, planning location of building. MS of bulldozer pulling trailer. MCS of cement mixer in action. MLS of men dumping cement from wheelbarrows. MS of partly constructed building. MCS of workmen building circular storage tanks from lumber, probably for oil. LS of partly constructed frame building. MS of carpenters at work, sawing, hammering. LS of span girders of factory, laminated wood. HAMS of huge steel frame structure of factory. MS of crane hoisting girders into position. MS of factory. MS of bricklayers in foreground, partly finished factory in background. MS several bricklayers at work on building. MS of surveyor taking reading with transit. MS of bulldozer ploughing down trees in forest. MS of man using compressed air drill on rock. MS of man setting off dynamite. MLS of explosion in rock as dynamite discharges. MS of bulldozer pushes rocks over ledge. MS of bulldozer loading gravel on truck from ramp. LS of another explosion. MS of huge steam shovel loading trucks during the aerodrome construction. MS of horses pulling scrapers. MS of girders going onto hangar. MS of hangar skeleton. MS of workmen covering hangar. LS of frame of building. CS of sign "Polling Booth". MS "Shrine of Cranbourne" building, country. MS of men and women entering and leaving polling booth, this is a rural polling station. MLS of voters arriving, some on horseback, in buggy, others walking, country. MS of voters arriving at suburban polling booth. MLS as they enter and leave. MS of city polling booth. MCS of Australian soldiers in voting lineup. CS of sign: "Voting is compulsory", penalty for failure to vote £2". CS of example of ballot paper. MS of interior of average polling booth, airmen, soldiers, civilians voting. CS headshots: soldiers, sailors, airmen, civilians, women, men casting their ballot. VCS lock of ballot box. MS of tally room, central position where ballots are counted.


Excerpt from
Capra Australian Footage
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm
Shooting format
35mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio