STK-ID 41228

AERIAL SHOTs of Sydney and Sydney Harbour. Shots of impressive bridges, Sydney shrine. Shots of Melbourne shrine. Various shots of large crowds in a park, of various soapbox orators expanding their views. One of the orators is in a small tribune decorated with hammer and sickle emblem of Soviet Russia. MLS of church. Various shots of wedding, of newly weds coming out of church being sprinkled with confettis, of wedding ceremony, of minister performing ceremony. LS of bandstand in dance hall. Various shots of hundreds of dancers dancing, jitterbugging. (VLS PAN from Sydney harbour across business section of City of Sydney. LS of Sydney, looking down on Sydney as cameraman is hoisted through tower in elevator. HALS PAN from bridge across river to downtown Sydney. MLS same as above, camera descending. LS of downtown streets in Sydney. LS of bridge across Sydney harbour. HALS of small boat in Sydney harbour. MS of Sydney skyline. MS of busy intersection in downtown Sydney. MS of street in central downtown district, city hall in background. MSs of Sydney activity, policeman directing traffic, crowds, streetcars. MSs of huge buildings in Sydney. MLS of skyline of city of Melbourne. MLS PAN of downtown Melbourne. MS of railway station in downtown Melbourne. HAS of crowd, soldiers intermittent, lined up outside Melbourne railway station. MS of corner of Young-Jackson street in Melbourne. MS of a downtown Melbourne street. MS of civilians (American and Canadian soldiers are again intermittent) walking along Melbourne street.)


Excerpt from
Capra Australian Footage
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm
Shooting format
35mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio