STK-ID 41230

Shots of people on London street. Cut to fleet of German bombers, spitfires airborne, people burning in streets. MCU of bomb falling from camera plane. CU of giant explosion. Cut to bombers flying away. Sequence on fires in London, men fighting fires at night, ruin and destruction. Montage of Canadian war effort showing manufacturing of various tools of war: guns, shells, aircraft, CUs. Shots of vast amount of supplies on docks, of supplies being loaded. Cut to sequence on ships at sea, of ocean as seen from various ships, of escorting aircraft, escorting corvettes and destroyers, of crew of warships on the watch, carrying out various activities, standing by their posts. Shots of water, of periscope, of action station. Various shots of weapons, torpedo tubes, deck guns, with men manning them. Cut to torpedo being fired. Brief AERIAL SHOT of torpedo wake, explosion as it hits submarine. Shots of main batteries being fired, sync sound of commands, roar of guns. Sequence on depth charge attack, explosions. Shots of battleships of Royal Navy taking over escort duty, of convoy on its way. Sequence on air attack barrage balloon being shot down in flames, plane bombing convoy. HALS of bombs exploding among the ships. Sequence on Royal Air Force's roll - scramble, takeoffs of spitfires, dog fights, plane crashing ino the sea


Excerpt from
Battle of the Atlantic
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm
Shooting format
35mm dupe neg comp b&w
Aspect ratio