STK-ID 41233

[Remark: when the German ambassador, Dr Pauls arrived at Lydda airport, he was met by jeers-and-boos by a hostile crowd. This footage was taken by the Carmel Herzliya News Agency for Israel Motion Pictures Co.] Shots of people demonstrating with signs in Tel Aviv, preparations being made at the Sheraton Hotel, demonstrations at the memorial of Treblinka, members of German technical staff swimming in Sheraton pool, man who lost his family in WW11 German Death Camps staging a sit-down hunger strike on hotel steps. CS of forearm of Jews with tatoo marks, labelling them as fair game in Nazi Germany. Dr Terk, assistant ambassador arrives at Lydda Airport. Shots of the David star with the letter "J" (the sign which marked Jews in Europe) painted on Israel Highways. Shots of signs "We Want a German Free Israel". Shots of German Ambassador arriving at Lydda Airport. (350 ft)


Excerpt from
German Ambassador in Israel
National Film Board
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Reel 35 mm
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35mm fine grain b&w
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