STK-ID 41241

Night shots over huge crowds of civilians, soldiers at attention, flaming torches, Nazi symbols done up in light, flags. Night shots of silhouettes of flags, soldiers, of bonfire, smoke there from. Shot of morning over Munich, buildings, Nazi flags. AERIAL SHOTs over huge tent camp. Cut to soldiers stirring, drummers drumming, trumpets sounding, SS men washing up, shaving each other. Several shots of men doing various tasks designed to show off their excellent physique. Sequence in field kitchen, of cooks, men being displayed as they eat. Sequence on fun and games, wrestling, much cheering and laughing. Cuts to several CUs of faces of laughing boys. Sequence on civilians dressed in folk costumes heading for the fields with their agricultural tools.


Excerpt from
Triumph of the will
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm fine grain comp b&w
Aspect ratio