STK-ID 41245

Night sequences of celebrations: several shots of flaming torches, shadows of people, soldiers, banners with swastikas. Sequence on fireworks. Cut to CU of mouth of trumpet. Montage of youngsters beating drums, blowing into bugles, fifes. Longer shots of same, of spectators. Shot of Hitler arriving. Quick cuts to faces, soldiers, bands. Shot of Goebbels arriving. Cuts to HAS over masses of soldiers executing Nazi salute. MS of Hitler and Hess. CUs of drums, faces, banners. Shot of Artur Axman, Hitler youth leader stepping up, being greeted by crowd, speaking his piece. Various shots of Axman speaking with cuts to Hitler youth listening. HAS PAN over masses of soldiers drawn up on parade. MCUs of F/M Von Blomberg listening, of Hitler likewise, of fresh young faces, intercut with face of Hitler and others. Shot of Axman finishing, saluting Hitler. Shot of Hitler taking over. Several cuts of his face as he speaks, of faces of listeners. PANs over army, spectators, cheering masses.


Excerpt from
Triumph of the will
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm fine grain comp b&w
Aspect ratio