STK-ID 41579

HAS PAN of rows of wrecked buildings, crowd in foreground, some under jerrybuilt sun shelters. PAN of old battlefield. PANs over incredibly primitive hovels, cave dwellings, some MCUs of faces, personal effects. Sequence on living conditions: girls working in garden, women preparing meal outside, drawing water from open well. MCU of shell-blasted tree, blind man. PAN over dismal group of buildings, ruins, snow on ground. PAN over similar scenery without snow to woman, blind man and baby in pram in front of non-descript house. Brief shot of statue in niche on wrecked church. Cut to waif with bundle of personal effects, cut to rubble cross projecting from pile. Shot of a lone man dressed in prison stripes shuffling along street bordered by totally destroyed buildings. Interior shot of woman caring for sick person in bed. Shot of house with one wall missing, people sitting in room on second floor. PAN over snow covered battlefield, tree stumps, ruins, hovels in snow, man and boy cutting firewood. Quick sequence on unloading of UNRRA goods in a port, unloading animals. Shots of Poles posing with horses, cows, milking cow. Montage of happy kids drinking milk. Sequence on unloading of tractors, use of tractors in field. Interior shots of slaughter house. Interior shots of meat packing plant, Swift's corned beef.


Excerpt from
UNRRA in Poland
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm
Shooting format
35mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio