STK-ID 41580

Shots of men poking in steel furnaces with long rods. Several shots of men at work in heavy machinery plant: large gears, wheels, turning slowly, cantilever beams being moved, molten metal being poured. Cut to doctor, nurse examining Greek infants, some children showing signs of malnutrition. Sequence on horses being unloaded in a port. More shots of baby clinic, Greek mother with baby in swaddling clothes. Interior shot of hospital, men lying on cots, nurse exercising man with wooden leg and crutches. Shots of village square, some street scenes, shops, pedestrians. PAN over olive grove to women harvesting olives in foreground. Shot of large group of children and women walking past camera on dirt road. Cut to wrecked port facilities. Brief view of cross on grave, Greek inscription. CU of face of old Greek. MS of two men talking. MLS of group of men loafing. Shot of a woman sitting on a stone block and working on some yarn. Cut to face of woman. View of children trying on old clothes. Dissolve to village square. Cut to boat lying at bottom of shallow water. Two interior shots of store with well stock shelves.


Excerpt from
UNRRA in Greece / Industry in Canada / UNRRA in Russia / Industry in Canada
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm
Shooting format
35mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio