STK-ID 41965

HAS following two United Nations jeeps pulling up, Canadian soldiers step off (0:30). TRAVELLING SHOTS from jeep driving through buffer zone (1:03. MLS of U.N. guard post in buffer zone, LAS of two Canadian UN soldiers climbing down ladder, stepping into jeep and driving away, a Turkish guard post is visible across street (0:58). Shots of UN vehicles passing check point on street (0:30). Shots of two UN Canadian soldiers patrolling on foot in narrow deserted streets in buffer zone, sign of 7UP visible (3:01). MS of two UN jeeps in narrow street, passing by camera (0:26) LAS of half broken sign of small hotel (Olympus Hotel), TILT DOWN to MS of two Canadian soldiers patrolling on foot walking by camera (0:24). LAS of second story balcony of building, TILT DOWN to MLS of barricade blocking street, MCS of barricade (0:28).


Excerpt from
Defence of Canada
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm, Digital Video Disk, Digital Bétacam
Shooting format
16mm eastman color neg
Aspect ratio
Available resolutions
720 x 486