STK-ID 42826

TS of Urubamba River shot from train following river. MS of two young women aboard train both appearing to be napping. TS of Urubamba River and landscape as train follows tracks along edge of river. TS of train passing small settlement. Peruvian woman standing along tracks outside building. Small girl standing outside her stone and mud house. TS of Urubamba River shot from train, LS of pig and large group of piglets rooting for food in foreground. Group of people sitting on ground at train station. Train (only partially visible) is stopped at very simple station house, truck parked in front of station. TS from inside train engine looking up tracks as train moves, head of engineer silhouetted in right foreground. TS of Urubamba River, small footbridge spanning rushing mountain river, steep mountains rising on both sides of river. TS of steam powered train moving along tracks shot from behind train, train tracks following Urubamba River visible to left. TS from train of landscape in Peruvian Andes, snow-covered mountain peak in distance, trees passing in foreground. TS of railroad tracks, steam powered train moving up tracks. Train stopping at small mountain station. VAR of people getting off train at station, watching, buildings all seem to be built from stone and stucco. Woman vending vegetables. TS from train of rocky mountain peak looming overhead, trees in foreground. TS of passenger train with steam engine stopped in station in Andes, people boarding and disembarking from train, others lining tracks waiting, "Ferrocarul Cuzco Santa Ana" visible on side of train. LS of rocky mountain stream seen through stone doorway. TS of train moving along tracks, precipitous rocky cliffs to right. Train going through two tunnels cut through rock. (24447)


Excerpt from
Peruvian-Bolivian Andes
National Geographic
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Digital Video Disk, Digital Bétacam
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Digital Betacam Anamorphic, Digital Betacam
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