STK-ID 42829

LS of white-granite ruins of Machu Piccu, llamas grazing among ruins. CU and MS of llamas grazing in grass among ruins of Machu Picchu. VAR PAN over stone Inca ruins at Machu Picchu including pyramids, stone reinforced terraces, doorways and roofless buildings. Some CU of elaborate intricate stone work still standing, no mortar ever used. CU of begonia blooms in rocky hillside at Machu Picchu, terraced hillside in background. VAR PAN from Inca ruins to begonia blossoms. VAR llamas grazing in grass among ruins. LS across ruins at Machu Picchu, peak of Huayna Picchu in background, llamas grazing. LS across ruins at Machu Picchu, sun causing refraction of light in lens creating star type effect. CU of intricate masonry work of ruins showing stone fitted together perfectly, no mortar. LS PAN across mountain peaks around Machu Picchu, large white cumulus clouds brushing tops, some ruins visible. VAR ruins at Machu Picchu. ELS panoramic view of towering mountains, clouds billowing over seen from Machu Picchu. CU of trapezoidal windows or lookouts built into Inca buildings. View of ruins and wall of mountain in the distance seen through one of lookouts. LS PAN from peak of mountain down side of mountain to Urubamba River flowing at bottom of gorge 2,000 feet below. CU of flowering plant with yellowish green blooms. (28181)


Excerpt from
Machu Picchu
National Geographic
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