STK-ID 43200

HA of chimps sitting on forest floor, cracking nuts. MCU of chimp pounding nut. Shot of adult chimps walking, cracking nut, baby in the middle. Shot of hand of chimp pounding nut with stick. MS of chimp cracking nut, baby on its lap. CU of mother with baby cracking nut. CU of nut in crevice, stick coming pounding down. Profile shot of mother with baby chimp eating nut. CU of stick coming down on single nut. CU of mother and baby's face eating nut. Shot of baby chimp scratching back. Shot of baby watching mother cracking and eating nut as it sits on mother's lap. Shot of adult pounding on nuts, out of focus chimps in foreground and background. Shot of baby chimp leeping into ground. Shot of baby chimp chewing on stick. Shot of baby chimp swinging stick. Shot of adult cracking in background, baby in front sprawling on floor. CU of adult's face, nut in mouth, hooting. MCU of adult chimp hooting. (907)


Excerpt from
National Geographic
Available formats
Digital Bétacam, Digital Video Disk
Shooting format
Digital Betacam
Aspect ratio